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Below are just a fraction of the testimonials I’ve received over the last 9 years. I’ve worked with over 800 people. Many, many people are thrilled that they tried hypnotherapy. The majority wondered why they waited so long. I was happy to know I helped.

Fear of Flying & Driving

        Just wanted to let you know that the trip went amazing! I woke up and I felt really relaxed and I knew it was going to be a good day. When we got to the airport, I was a lot more relaxed and clear headed at the airport and was able to make decisions that saved us from missing our flight that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do before. On the way back we experienced a very rough flight with about 20 minutes of bad turbulence where even the flight attendants were not able to walk the plane. On a scale from 1 to 10 during the turbulence I was probably at a four. –M.

        Since doing hypnosis, I feel more relaxed on the highway — I feel great, I don’t feel nervous. I’ve also lost 14 lbs., I have more energy and I don’t have that craving for alcohol. –D.


         I came to hypnotherapy in a ‘last ditch’ attempt to quit smoking. My personal and professional lives had both undergone a series of disasters …. smoking cessation was a short-term goal I thought I could achieve with help. What I got was much more profound. Hypnotherapy has let me find out who I really am …. my mind was sometimes my worst enemy …. This was a life changing experience for me; a change long overdue. – A.

        Number one is that it has helped me get to the bottom of my core frustrations that hinder me today. It has helped me relax and take on issues in a more mature way. It has significantly decreased my chewing [tobacco] so far. It has done wonders for my self-confidence and internal strength. It has been an overall great experience. –C.

        I came in to stop smoking and found myself having a much deeper experience that I expected. It was an outstanding journey which led me to complete my goal of quitting smoking. – T.

        Hypnotherapy got me off of drugs. I have unloaded thoughts and memories which I have carried around for many years. I find myself at peace and it has enabled me to speak in public and sleep through the night. – Retired Individual, P.

Weight Loss

        I can’t thank you enough for these valuable sessions. Not only have I already exceeded my goal of losing 20 lbs (I have lost 30 lbs in just 8 weeks), but I feel energized and renewed after every session. You have helped me improve my well being both mentally and physically and I look forward to continued success using the methods you have shown me. I am truly blessed to have made this connection. – D.

        My main focus was weight loss and to curb my cravings for sugar, along with gaining self-control over food urges. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best), I would say it is between an 8 – 10 any given day. As time goes on it gets easier to make healthier choices. Other benefits is learning how to put to use everything I have learned prior to attending hypnotherapy. I feel more focused, and self-assured. I have more control over my life or rather my reactions to events in my life. -P.

        Working with hypnosis has really allowed me to open up and release a lot of guilt and excess baggage of my past. By doing so, I was able to modulate my voice more when it came to arguing with my husband, it allowed me to let go more when my son decided to move out, and has helped me work on things that have contributed to keeping weight on. It’s also helped me relax more, start experiencing life more, and relearn who I am. I still have a way to go, but it’s Forward Ho! –L.

        I came to the decision to try hypnotherapy because I reached a point with my eating habits that I felt completely defeated and out of control. Since the start of my visits, my ability to respond better to stressful or emotional issues without running to food has greatly improved. I have lost 10 pounds and am more confident with my ability to possibly end my life-long addiction to comfort foods. –J.

        I contacted Susan initially to help me with my addiction to food and struggle to control the urge to eat more than should or needed. During our sessions, we uncovered a lot of underlying issues I never would have discovered on my own. In four weeks, I’ve been able to focus my nutritional choices, avoid making bad choices and have lost 5.5 lbs. I’ve also been able to better control some jealous tendencies when it comes to my relationship. Both have provided great relief to my internal pain. -C.

        I came to Susan to break through my apathy around losing weight and being happy. What I’ve experienced is a sense of peace and freedom that is deeply internal. I immediately noticed a profound change in my ability to relax – I haven’t slept so deeply in a very long time. Also, I feel that I’ve gained tools that have assisted me with releasing harmful feelings from my past and that I will use going forward on a daily basis. -D.

        This has been an amazing experience. I’m very glad I “took the plunge.” I’ve been feeling, on the whole, more calm and peaceful. I didn’t think I was particularly agitated person before, but still, I notice a difference. I’m not sure if I’ve lost any weight yet – I’m not inclined to weight myself just yet – but I feel that I’ll now be able to. It does seem that my clothes are a little loser. I look forward to doing more hypnotherapy! – B.

        Since I began sessions, I have lost 25 lbs and gained more confidence in myself. I’m in total control of my eating. I have been able to finally deal with issues from the past that had continued to adversely affect my life. The overall results have been putting me back in control and helping me find a new peace. I would do this again. – D.

        I tend to be a pessimistic person when it comes to weight loss. Even though I’d lost over 90 pounds in my life, I never saw it as ‘good enough’. The best thing I’ve taken out of hypnotherapy is the ability to acknowledge and truly celebrate my successes. I’ve begun to feel more positive about weight loss. I view it more as a healthy lifestyle than a diet. Through hypnosis, I worked through a lot of past experiences that were feeding my negative body image. It felt great being able to analyze those experiences in a new light. Because of my hypnotherapy sessions, I have increased my confidence in many areas of my life. I’m very grateful for these sessions and would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to get more out of life. – S.

Habits & Phobias

       I came to Susan for fears/worries, smoking, nail biting and weight loss. In the past month, I’ve experienced positive changes in all areas. I am losing weight and not biting my nails for the first time in 25 years. I also have learned how to deal with things in a positive way. –Entrepreneur,  Anon

        Originally I came here to seek out ways to calm fear and anxiety. My biggest fear was the fact that I have to be pepper sprayed for my upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. I was also very stressed about my deployment in general. Since using hypnotherapy, my overall stress has gone down dramatically and my positive attitude has gone way up in all aspects of my life. I feel so much more confident that I can not only handle the pepper spray but also any challenges that I may face in the future. – J.

        I originally came to hypnotherapy because I was having fear attacks that were preventing me from scuba diving—something that I loved to do years ago. After only four sessions, I was not only able to work through the fear of diving and get through a refresher scuba course, but I now have techniques for dealing with anxiety in every aspect of my life. My husband has already noticed that I am dealing much better with the overly self-critical messages I have been giving myself for years. –K.

      My phobia of vomit was overwhelming and hard to manage in everyday life. Hypnotherapy has helped me recognize my emotions and fears and eliminate my irrational fear of people getting sick around me into almost nothing! My life has improved in an amazing way! –M.

      I came to Susan for help with a habit that I had tried on my own to break for years, but I could not. Hypnotherapy has helped immensely. I am calmer, more centered and feel like I have the tools to continue on a healthy, fully actualized path. And that’s something I did not get from traditional therapy/counseling.–R.

Professional Development

        I started hypnotherapy to find a sense of authenticity, mainly focused on my job. What I have attained is a greater focus and greater confidence in my abilities. After only a few sessions, I am already feeling more comfortable in my position at work and in all my activities. I have also noticed a great reduction in stress and an increased ability to look at situations and issues in my life with a level head. – DotCom Professional, T.

        My goals were to improve my physical body, improve my business and have more confidence. I feel I can achieve ALL of these goals! – D.

        The benefits I have received are confidence, energy, positivity and less fear. My sleep has been more peaceful and sound which has steered me to become more efficient with my thoughts and actions regarding work, kids and life. –Business Owner, J.

        Hypnotherapy has helped me to relax and give myself  a break on life and enjoy myself. I understand my fears and how I can better deal with them day to day.– Entrepreneur, M.

      I feel stronger and more able to do my job without fear. I am able to voice my opinions and not react from fear. In the area of intimacy, I am feeling more confident and able to ask for what I need and use my voice to share my ideas and interests. – J.

Personal Development

        This is the best thing I have ever done. I have grown so much and learned so much about myself that I didn’t know. I have a peaceful feeling inside. I feel like I got rid of baggage I was carrying around. I was such a people-pleaser and now I am not anymore. That is an amazing change. I feel free like I’m out of prison. People say that they feel so great after jumping out of a plane parachuting or bungey jumping and I have that feeling after these sessions. I have no regrets, it is the best money I’ve ever spent. – P.

        Hands down this process of hypnotherapy has done more for me in the shortest amount of time I have ever experienced. I have done a great deal of work on myself over the years and yet nothing has ever gotten to the source and changed my life as dramatically as hypnotherapy. Thank you Susan for what you do! -P.

        I’ve tried both traditional therapy and behavior modification therapy. I found the former very valuable, but I don’t have time to go to a therapist every week and needed to make changes now. I found behavior modification to help but it didn’t address anything underlying, so the pain and unresolved issues were still there. I have found hypnotherapy with Susan to be very effective in changing my behavior, but also incredibly eye-opening in learning things about myself. I finally believe the changes I’ve sought so long are within my grasp because they’ve already begun. I’m very grateful and excited to continue on! -B.

        Skeptical at first, I believe this is a powerful and effective process for self-improvement. Because of hypnotherapy, I have felt greater confidence and ease with myself. I am more aware of what I am eating and why I am eating. Combined, this greater sense of self and self-awareness will lead me to make healthier choices and live a more balanced life. – M.

        The hypnotherapy came as a referral from a friend and the changes I have experienced have been both positive and effective. There were some issues or psychological baggage I had been carrying that I was not aware of and since the beginning of the sessions, I’ve let go of this baggage in addition to making positive changes personally, emotionally and professionally. Overall, the hypnotherapy has been a positive experience and I have found it to be rewarding. I have always tried to better myself and these sessions have been very helpful.– Anon

        Working with Susan was an incredibly fulfilling experience. I came with some rather challenging issues and through working with her, I’ve been experiencing many positive ways that I can empower myself to address my own problems. I’ve done hypnotherapy twice in my life and it is an awesome experience! Both times I’ve learned things about myself in an incredibly relaxed setting. – Anon


        I’m feeling so much calmer and happy. My work environment is stressful and I am managing my emotions better, not getting as frustrated or angry. In my personal life, I also feel calm and positive about the future. I am single and feel much more optimistic about the possibility of beginning and staying in a relationship. But, until then, I am content with who I am as a person. -K.

        I have taken anger out of my personal relationships and the relationships have become calmer and stronger. I recognize distractions that take me away from the things I really want. I have also become aware of the unintended teachings and habits learned from early life, where actions encouraged unwanted behaviors. –Anon.

        I initiated hypnosis because I needed another resource to help me achieve difficult goals. Through the process, I have made tremendous gains and know that I will fully achieve my goals. Even more significant for me, however, is the new awareness of how to more efficiently utilize the energy of my soul to assist my cognition. Life changing! – M.

        I feel stronger and more able to do my job without fear. I am able to voice my opinions and not react from fear. In the area of intimacy, I am feeling more confident and able to ask for what I need and use my voice to share my ideas and interests. – J.

     I came to Susan because I felt stopped and limited in initiating romantic relationships. I felt exhausted from family conflict affecting me emotionally and mentally. I didn’t think I was capable to initiate different money management responsibilities. Working with Susan using hypnotherapy, I deconstructed my fears and inhibitions holding me back and what I was thinking was important in my life. I thought I’d lost my joy in life but I found it again! Now I’m able to manage and move my values and priorities forward with a great sense of accomplishment! It’s powerful stuff. – Business Person, D.


        With hypnotherapy I have learned to be in better control of my own life. It has helped me better manage my anxiety and fear of school. It has given me a new perspective and a tool I can utilize when times get tough. I have found it easier to sit down and study, getting much more accomplished in shorter time with less worry.” – J.

        Hypnotherapy has truly changed my purpose, my meaning and my existence. I entered into the sessions wanting to change specific difficulties in my life (i.e. test-taking anxiety), but have felt a change in my core self. I love myself, I love the world, I have been able to let go of negativity I didn’t realize I was holding. This experience has been amazingly helpful for me and I would recommend it to anyone! -L.

        Working with Susan was an incredibly fulfilling experience. She is excellent at empowering you to recognize areas of improvement within yourself. I came to Susan with some rather challenging issues and through working with her, I’ve been experiencing many positive ways that I can empower myself to address my own problems. I’ve done hypnotherapy twice in my life and it is an awesome experience! Both times I’ve learned things about myself in an incredibly relaxed setting. – Anon

Health & Pain Management

        Since my hypnotherapy sessions have begun, I have noticed several unexpected benefits. I was having problems with IBS for several months. I did not tell Susan about this. After my first session, my IBS problems went away. I also had an addiction to playing a certain game on Facebook and after a few weeks of hypnotherapy, the urge to play that game stopped. I now have more time to do things I really enjoy. I also have more of a feeling of peace about life in general and a feeling of peace about my uncle who is dying. –P.

       I came to Susan to help manage my chronic pain, build confidence and not worry as much. Ultimately all of these things deprive me of sleep. With hypnotherapy, Susan has given me the tools to fall asleep almost immediately. It happens so fast, I can’t remember how fast. I would guess minutes. In the past, it would take 45-60 minutes. If I awakened from pain, it would take an additional hour to fall back asleep. I feel more confident at work and have become much more aware of myself and where my obstacles originated. Susan has helped me remove those obstacles and given me more confidence. I highly recommend hypnotherapy for anybody that wants to improve their life. –Professional, Anon

Public Speaking & Confidence

       I came to see Susan for help with my fear of public speaking. The time I’ve spent with Susan has been wonderful and has taught me to better understand myself as well as the underlying causes of my fears. Since working with Susan, I’ve become more confident in my ability to speak to people in general, whether in a group setting or one-to-one interactions. I’m looking forward to continue using the hypnotherapeutic techniques that I’ve learned to improve my speaking performance as well as elevating and improving my overall success in business and my personal interactions with others. –B.

        I came to hypnotherapy to try to understand my lifelong doubts and questions about my appearance. I have always thought that people would like or dislike me because of how I looked. I have learned that my appearance is really not a high priority at all. I have carried this fear for many years, but now I feel that people can like me for my inner qualities. With the hypnotherapy, I have been able to put the doubts almost completely out of my thoughts, In fact, it’s a faint memory. -A.


       After trying different therapies to alleviate my depression after the loss of my husband, I decided as a last resort to try hypnotherapy. I felt so lonely and lost. I wanted to be happier in my new life after losing my old life that I loved so much. Thru hypnotherapy, I have gained more confidence and a sense of well-being. My depression has lifted and I am really starting to work on building a foundation within myself for creating a new life. Susan is a wonderful person; caring and compassionate and she is a wonderful teacher. –M.

       I came to Susan to work on grief because my husband passed away 4 years ago. There has been a significant improvement in the quality of my life. I am sleeping better, I have more confidence. I have more peace and less anxiety. My family and close friends feel/sense a difference (I am more like myself.) I am attracting better energy … better friends … more connections, etc. I feel like I’m past the point of being stuck in grief. It feels like such a miracle!–Professional, Anon

       Initially, I brought my daughter to see Susan and was so impressed with how she worked with her. My daughter is a teenager, so that can be tricky. Susan was just the right amount of care and concern, plus a real cool way of relating to her that made her feel at ease and that Susan understood her. Through watching my daughter go through the process, I knew that I wanted to do it as well to help myself deal with some of my own issues such as fear, grief and self-criticism. Working with Susan is so comfortable and easy. She is so intelligent and wise but also so down to earth and with a sense of humor. It has truly been a remarkable journey and I’m so thankful that it was Susan I traveled with .–Parent & Education Professional, R.

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