Potent Healing & Seasonal Trends

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Everyone wants to heal, but timing can be important. As a hypnotherapist and success coach, people often ask  me when they should schedule sessions. Or, sometimes they feel a particular time is too stressful. In reality, any time is a good time. In fact, the more stressful, the better! If you’re taxed, it makes it harder to suppress self-sabotages and easier to heal them. In fact, if you’re not relaxed, that’s the stuff we’re working on.

The good times are great for healing too. You can get ahead of stressful times so they take far less of a toll. (Caveat: if you’re an athlete, it’s generally better to complete your sessions before a major event or tournament. However, if you’re in the midst of events, that’s fine because we can take note of changes and work on what remains for even greater improvements.)

Interestingly, although any time is a perfect time, over the past 10 years I’ve noticed seasonal and monthly trends. For instance:

January thru March rings in New Year’s Resolutions. Typically this is weight loss, cigarette smoking and career success. It also includes family relationships or death because holidays tend to make a potent cocktail of unresolved emotions. Also, health-related issues such as pain management will appear. Often people have taken a medical route to max end-of-year insurance deductibles and still are seeking more relief.

February breaks hearts because of relationship woes in January (no one wants to ruin the holidays) and Valentine’s Day heightens the pain.

March scores with relationships as well – especially if someone was jilted around Valentine’s Day. Lawyers consider the day after Valentine’s to be “D-Day” because of a dramatic increase in divorce calls.

April sheds pounds with weight loss clients because as we lose clothes, we want to lose the weight too. Also, athletes want a competitive edge or a way to rejuvenate their enthusiasm.

June thru August are the “break free” months. Many clients walk thru the door with phobias (insects, spiders or dogs, for instance) or fear of flying or driving. Eliminate these issues and vacation can be even more rewarding.

August thru October escalates job searches or students wanting to improve their study skills or heal a test phobia.

November thru December heightens family relationships or death and spirituality. Frequently, people want to be ahead of the curve before they visit family.

Of course, clients have issues year round. In fact, just within July and August, I’ve worked with 4 job search/career satisfaction clients, 1 stop smoking, 3 food, 4 relationships (including family, friends and significant other), 2 anger and 1 test taking. Also, many of these included procrastination or co-related issues.

Interestingly, whenever I heal or work on something within myself, I usually get clients with the same issue! For instance, in 2011, when I got a tattoo and was dealing with a herniated disc, I received more pain management clients than the previous years combined.  However, I hadn’t changed any advertising nor emphasized pain management other than sharing the events to friends on FB.

Recently, I’ve been working on procrastination and food mindfulness.  Although I’m pretty self-motivated, sometimes I’ll put something on my list and never seem to get to it (i.e. this article).

Also, I’m pretty fit, but I wanted to really get off the gerbil wheel and stop overly identifying food with fun or reward.  Nor did I want to continue using running and exercise to combat the excess – I wanted the activities to only serve fitness and physical strength. And, as I’ve achieved success, people have been coming in for the same needs! This synchronicity has really accentuated my awareness of how we’re interconnected.

In fact, over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on loving everyone equally (I have some talks on my website if you’d like to hear them). I’ve come to understand that this equality doesn’t diminish my love for my closest friends and family, it just raises the water level for everyone, including myself.

Ultimately, with every client, I’ve come to realize that what we’re actually working on is healing our relationship with ourselves; we’re heightening the love and healing the fear of not being good enough. It’s amazing how people change when they heal that fear. We become more authentic, we become more real. Once we truly love ourselves, anything we do, whether it’s an addition or a cessation, is an act of kindness, it is an act of love. That is something we need year round!

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