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Can I be hypnotized?
Yes. Anyone of normal intelligence can be hypnotized. From children to grandparents, everyone can experience the life-changing results of hypnotherapy. In fact, the more intelligent you are, the easier it is for you to focus on the hypnotherapist’s voice and follow their instructions.

What if I’m ‘Type A’ and really logical?
No problem. Hypnosis is incredibly simple. Many times in a day you might lose track of time or you don’t hear someone because you’re so focussed on a task. In essence, you’ve just hypnotized yourself. In fact, the smarter you are the more you’re able to focus on the hypnotherapist’s voice and follow instructions. The reality is, hypnosis is the brain’s way of processing and recording information for later retrieval. If we weren’t able to do this, our species would evolutionarily be unsound.

Even if I’m exhausted and feel scattered?
Yes. In fact, your exhaustion and the feeling of being scattered are some of the symptoms that we’ll be working on.

I’m currently on anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medicine, will that matter?
No, it won’t matter at all. We’ll be able to accomplish great work whether you’re on medicine or not.

Will I remember everything from the session?
Yes. You will remember everything, just like you would a normal conversation. The myth that people forget things in hypnosis is simply that: a myth.

I don’t like the idea that someone can control me. 
When you’re in a state of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist isn’t controlling you. You’re letting yourself become completely relaxed and agreeing to follow their instructions and allowing yourself to gain all the benefits. At any point in the session, you could allow yourself to emerge. You’re always in control.

What makes you different then a psychologist or therapist?
As a hypnotherapist, I work on the self-sabotages in the subconscious and unconscious mind. I also work with normal, every day people on normal every day issues like procrastination, weight loss, smoking, confidence, sports improvement, and more. I also get referrals from psychologists, therapists and doctors to help their clients work on more chronic issues like pain management, depression, anxiety and more.

Can you guarantee that hypnosis will work?
Unfortunately, just like a lawyer can’t guarantee a court case or a surgeon can’t guarantee an operation, we’re unable to predict success. However, with the 5-PATH process, I’ve had many satisfied clients with profound changes. Check out the “Testimonials” link above for the results!

What is this 5-PATH and 7th-Path?
5-PATH is an advanced hypnosis process. Developed by Cal Banyan, it’s a modern process that’s systematic and achieves consistent results. Whether you’re interested in losing weight, stopping smoking or gaining confidence, this approach focusses on your success and your goals. It also builds on all the work that you’ve already done!

I’ve tried everything, what makes you different?
Hypnosis works because we work on the subconscious and the unconscious mind. When people do talk, cognitive or behavioral therapy, they sometimes aren’t working on the deepest levels of the brain where the self-sabotages, misperceptions and limiting beliefs reside. In fact, through hypnosis, we’re able to get a person’s mind to relax enough that we can de-hypnotize the brain.

Do you accept insurance?
Unfortunately, we don’t accept insurance. However, some insurance companies will reimburse (in particular, for issues like weight loss or stop smoking). Contact your insurance company first to make sure that this is possible. Also, it is possible that your hypnotherapy sessions are acceptable HSA expenses if they are health-related and you have a referral from a doctor.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express. We also can process HSA and debit cards.

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