Potent Healing & Seasonal Trends

Everyone wants to heal, but timing can be important. As a hypnotherapist and success coach, people often ask  me when they should schedule sessions. Or, sometimes they feel a particular time is too stressful. In reality, any time is a good time. In fact, the more stressful, the better! If you’re taxed, it makes it harder to suppress self-sabotages and easier to heal them. In fact, if you’re not relaxed, that’s the stuff we’re working on.

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Six Lessons of Suicide

Robin Williams gave many people joy.

You might be sad that he is dead. Or you might be feeling compassion. It’s important to know the difference. Compassion doesn’t hurt. It is pure, healing and whole. It is love. Compassion is recognizing his depression and sadness. Compassion is empathizing with what his close family and friends are feeling.

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Pain – Herniated Disc

I am no stranger to pain. I’ve experienced a lifetime of grueling athleticism. I’ve run, biked, hiked, kayaked & x-country skied thousands of miles. But, that was all elective pain. I chose to do those things and I knew there’d be an end in sight, there was joy in the process. But, last year, I herniated my c5-c6 & c7 and began the 7.5 month journey of mind-numbing pain followed by six weeks of colds, coughing and laryngitis.

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