Six Lessons of Suicide

Robin Williams gave many people joy.

You might be sad that he is dead. Or you might be feeling compassion. It’s important to know the difference. Compassion doesn’t hurt. It is pure, healing and whole. It is love. Compassion is recognizing his depression and sadness. Compassion is empathizing with what his close family and friends are feeling.

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Rebooting Your Food Habits

Do you remember last night’s dinner? Have you started thinking about tonight’s dinner? Sadly, as a society, we fetish-ize food and shame ourselves for the consumption.

Fortunately, we can change our relationship with food. In fact, my weight-loss clients love that they’re not always thinking about food. They are truly eating to live, not living to eat.

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Can I Get a Witness! — The Value of Testimonials

Confession. After 9+ years and over 800+ clients, it’s still strange for me to post client testimonials — in particular, when I’m complimented by name. Without a doubt, my typical Midwestern modesty is triggered. Fortunately, I realize there are good reasons to post testimonials. And there are good reasons for people to give testimony to their life and their good fortune! Here are some reasons listed below.
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