Can I Get a Witness! — The Value of Testimonials

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Confession. After 9+ years and over 800+ clients, it’s still strange for me to post client testimonials — in particular, when I’m complimented by name. Without a doubt, my typical Midwestern modesty is triggered. Fortunately, I realize there are good reasons to post testimonials. And there are good reasons for people to give testimony to their life and their good fortune! Here are some reasons listed below.

1) Testimonials help inspire people to change. When we read testimonials, we recognize our ability to change and are witness to other people’s journey. By reading and sharing testimonials, you might be reinvigorated and continue your own positive journey.

2) Testimonials help people to try something new. I have a unique profession. Not many people are aware of what hypnosis and the brain can accomplish. Hypnosis is not voodoo. It’s the way we take in information, record it and store it for later retrieval. It’s our programming. The type of hypnotic process I use is more intensive and changes the deeper self-sabotages in a person’s psyche. Is it a magic bullet? No. Our brain can be remarkably resistant to change, but in hypnosis the brain is definitely more open-minded.

3) Testimonials help remind people to reflect on where they were, where they are, and where they’d like to go. In addition to testimonials, I post helpful articles and blogs on my social media sites to help people be more mindful.

4) Testimonials help people know they aren’t alone. You aren’t the only one who has been afraid or lonely or had a challenging childhood. You also aren’t alone with your particular phobia!

5) Testimonials help people find qualified professionals. Not all techniques or practitioners are created equal. Through testimonials you can start to assess whether that professional is right for you. I’ve always known that I’m suppose to get the clients I’m suppose to work with. That’s why I don’t do any hard-selling. My goal is primarily to educate and if someone wants to work with me, great!

So, could I edit my name or the sentences that directly refer to me? Yes, but, after thinking about point 5 — If a client mentions me by name, it’s definitely something that they want to say. Why would I want to disrespect my client’s words or experience?

Ultimately, I am grateful for my clients just as they are grateful for me. I am testimony for their skills, talents and resiliency and their ability to evolve and heal. It is good to honor that.

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