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(Questions have been asked via website, email, phone and in-person. Some editing has occurred for clarity, space and confidentiality.)

Will hypnosis help my husband stop smoking?

Yes. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of creating sustainable change. But I always ask my clients what their interest is on a scale of 0-10 with ’10′ being the highest. Anything less than ’8′ really doesn’t show a high commitment. To change that, it’s helpful to research the negatives and determine the positives to really cement the desire to change.

Someone suggested hypnotherapy for vocal training. Would that also help with breath support for trombone?
Yes! Whether you’re practicing or performing, the key to excelling in any activity is the ability to relax which improves breath control. That sounds easy, but often people carry thoughts and misperceptions in their subconscious and unconscious that get in the way. With the type of hypnotherapy I use, we identify those self-sabotages and change them. That way, an individual can more confidently and predictably achieve their goals. This works for anything performance related, whether it’s playing music, speaking, taking a test, or running a faster 5k or duathlon.

Can hypnosis cure cancer (or other physical condition)?
Maybe. A more positive, uncluttered mind always supports a healthy lifestyle, but I suggest a visit to a doctor for physiological conditions. Often there can be quick remedies or important preventative care that needs to be addressed. However, if those solutions are covered and an individual wants to pursue a parallel path to recovery, I say that hypnosis is definitely beneficial. It may not directly cure an individual, but indirectly it can. As we work on the fears, misperceptions and limiting beliefs, the brain will have less congnitive dissonance to disrupt the day and night, especially our sleep! That way the body will have more energy to focus on healing. I have seen amazing rates of healing and improved quality of life through hypnotherapy.

I’m not able to conceive, would hypnotherapy help?
Potentially. Many factors can inhibit a successful pregancy and it is recommended to see a doctor to help. However, the more relaxed and positive people are, the easier it is to conceive. I think many people have heard of or observed a couple working diligently to conceive, then adopt, and then suddenly are able to have one or several children via pregnancy. Is that the body acclimating to children in the area? Possibly, but it also could be the releasing of the stresses and fears associated with conceiving.

I snore at night. Will hypnosis help me get better sleep? 
 Yes. The deeper one can sleep, the more restful it can be. Unfortunately, many factors can affect the quality of our sleep which can lead to snoring. In Linda Melone’s excellent WebMD article “7 Easy Snoring Remedies“, she lists sleep position, weight, alcohol, poor sleep hygiene, environmental allergies and dehydration as the frequent culprits. I would also add certain medicines, food allergies, physical impediments and especially emotions! Often, during sleep our subconscious and unconscious mind struggles with thoughts, fears and dilemmas of the day. This can interrupt our sleep and cause us to snore or even stay awake. Hypnotherapy can help people resolve the stresses of the subconscious and unconscious mind, leading to more productive sleeping and less snoring.

In fact, many clients who come in for weight loss, stop smoking and other conditions, often report that their sleep improves dramatically as part of this work.

I want to have better results with lucid dreaming, can hypnotherapy help?
Yes. Lucid dreaming is the ability to create and explore one’s dream world. There are many way to practice and is a great place to start. The benefit of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis is that the more we clear our brain, the more peaceful and lucid our dreaming can be. Although I don’t spend much time intending to dream lucidly, I find that as I’ve been doing hypnotherapy, my sleep is more restful, my dreaming more pronounced and there’s a clarity that leads to great peace. I’ve also get more accomplished during the day on fewer hours of sleep!

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